What is My First Tackle

My First Tackle is a programme designed to create more confident tackle rugby players and coaches as they transition from the Under 7 Rippa grade into the Under 8 Tackle season.

Programme Information

Under 7 teams will run through a four week ‘My First Tackle’ programme in the last four weeks of their Under 7 season. Auckland Rugby will provide training plans and videos to help support coaches through this transition, with the goal of Under 7 teams being able to play their final fixture of the season with the Under 8 tackle rules should they feel ready. Under 7 teams who do not feel confident or comfortable to play their last game with Tackle rules may continue with Rippa. It will be up to each team to make the call.

In the Under 8 grade, coaches will start the year with their own specific Small Blacks course. This will allow coaches to be given direct support from Auckland Rugby and the recourses to teach the tackle. Coaches will also have a resource called ‘Tacklebox’, where they will run a training session for their team. This will be used to help coaches with any areas they may be finding hard and allow Auckland Rugby Coaching Development Team to give support if a coach requires it.

For further details or any queries, please contact:

Joe Blundell

Club Rugby Manager

027 425 2951