Adult Rip Rugby Rules

PLAYERS: 7 players per team


FIELD SIZE: ½ Field (touch line to touch line long x goal line to 10m line, wide)

LENGTH OF GAME: 2 x 20-minute halves (maximum) with a 5-minute break at halftime.

SUBS: Teams to use rolling subs to achieve satisfactory game time for all players.

MOUTHGUARD: Recommended

RIP BELTS/RIPS: Rip belts must be worn on the outside of clothing (tops tucked in) and one Rip on each hip.

UNIFORM: Teams to wear the same uniform

STARTING/RESTARTING PLAY: Drop kick for start and restarting play after a try or half time. The kick must travel past the 5m mark. If the kick does not make the 5m mark or goes dead in goal, a free pass is awarded to the receiving team on half-way. When a try is scored, the team that scores then kicks the restart.


  • Attackers can run, pass, kick (grubber, cross-field, chip and chase, etc)
  • Attackers can hip twist and even spin 360 degrees once. ‘Helicopter’ or continuous spinning will result in a handover.
  • After being ripped, the ball carrier must pass the ball within three steps (no stop/play the ball required). If they pass after the three steps post Rip, then it is a turnover. If the player oversteps the three-step mark post rip and returns to the mark to pass the ball, then it’s play on.
  • The attacker must then regain their Rip from the defender before they re-join play.
  • Four rips in a row leads to a turnover in possession.


  • To complete one ‘rip’- one or both of the two Rips from the ball carrier belt must be removed.
  • Once ripped, the defender must stop, hold the rip above their head and shout “RIP!”
  • Once a rip is made; the offside line becomes the ball, noting the ball carrier remains in play and is allowed to pass or kick within 3 steps of the rip occurring- while all defenders must retreat behind the ball.
  • The ripper must then hand the Rip back to the attacking player; if the attacker runs off however, the ripper may place the opponents rip on the ground where the rip was made.
  • Four Rips in a row leads to a turnover.

PASSING: The ball can only be passed in a sideways or backwards direction. There are no forward passes. If the ball is passed sideways or backwards landing on the ground and bounces forward, this is not a knock on or forward pass. Either team may re-gather the ball, only if remaining on their feet to continue play.


  • Scrums are uncontested, 3 players each.
  • The lineout must consist of three players from each team, plus a thrower who can also play receiver after the ball is thrown in. Lifting is Optional.
  • Kicking is allowed in Rip Rugby. Normal off-side rules apply. There are no conversions or shots at goal.

REFEREEING A GAME: Shout, “RIP and the number of rip (1, 2, 3, 4,) and PASS!” when a rip has been made. Where possible ‘advantage’ should be played to the non-offending team if there is any chance that they may get the ball. The referee should call ‘advantage’ followed by ‘play on’. If no advantage within a reasonable period, play returns with a scrum, penalty, or free pass.

PENALTIES: Penalty offences are awarded to non-offending team via a tap restart (4 again), scrum, or kick to touch. Penalty offences include:

  • Contact of any kind (pushing, tackling, fending, collisions).
  • Hiding, fending, or shielding Rips.
  • Helicopter/Continuous spinning.
  • Offside.
  • Diving on the ball on the ground
  • Not handing back Rips/ throwing it away
  • Passing after overstepping (3 steps)


  • Ball must be in contact with hand or player and placed on the tryline or in the in-goal area for a try to be awarded.
  • If a player is ripped in goal/ripped and runs into in goal, play restarts with a tap from 5m line out from try line.
  • If a player is ripped while mid-air (feet off the ground in a dive to score) and the player is ripped, the try is awarded.

FAQ'S - Adult Rip Rugby

Frequently asked questions 

Q1. How do I register a Team?

It's quite simple, You can register your team HERE

Q2. How do I register as a Player?

You can register for free as a Player HERE

Q3. What are the rules to Adult Rip Rugby?

You can see an overview of the rules HERE

Q4. Do I have to be part of a Club to play?

No, you don't have to be part of a club to play when you register as a player or team. But you can register to a club!

Q5. How many players per team?

It's 7 players per side so plenty of time ot grab 6 or so of your friends and have a go.

Q6. Do we have to pay anything to play?

There is no registration fee  to play. Yes you read that right- it's free.

Q7. How long is the season or module?

The season will run for 6 weeks, starting Saturday, 10 August, between 12pm-4pm 

Q8. What grade can I play in?

We have several grades on offer

- Masters (Over 35 years old)

- Women's and Girl's 

- Open (Will be graded further to cater for experience and ability)

Small Blacks Coaching Courses 2024 (Coaching U13 and Younger)

Click HERE to register your attendance

Small Blacks is compulsory for every Junior Rugby Coach, with a focus on Safety in our game. All sessions are live in person. Please attend one of the Auckland Rugby run sessions below:

Small Blacks LaunchEden Park, Gate B, Walter's Road18 March6-7.30pm
South Auckland Small BlacksOtahuhu Rugby Club20 March6-7.30pm
Central Auckland Small BlacksEden Rugby Club25 March6-7.30pm
West Auckland Small BlacksWaitakere Rugby Club3 April6-7.30pm
East Auckland Small BlacksMarist Rugby Club10 April6-7:30pm

RugbySmart Courses 2024 (Coaching Secondary Schools and Senior Rugby)

This season, Coaches and Referees are able to choose how they would like to complete RugbySmart 2024. The options inlcude:

  • completing an online learning module (this option presents when you register online as a coach), OR
  • attend an in person session facilitated by Auckland Rugby (dates below) OR
  • registering and attending a one-hour webinar (see link here and below) *COMPLETE for 2024

NOTE: you only need to attend one of these.

Options are presented when you register online with your club/ school.

In-PersonEden ParkMonday 4th March6pm- 7.30pm

Eden ParkMonday 6th May6pm- 7.30pm
OnlineMultiple Workshops

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2024 RugbySmart Online Workshops | NZ Rugby

For any queries please contact for more info


This season Auckland Rugby have the pleasure to provide our Senior Club & School Rugby Participants a skill development opportunity direct from High Performace. This season we offer gender specific environments and coaches to further develop our players skills of the game.

Our highly experienced coaches will cover 4 key Rugby skills.

  • Scrum Masterclasses led by NPC Scrum Coach Census JOHNSTON, Ex Auckland Rugby Pro John AFOA and Current FPC Champion Aldora ITUNU

  • Collision Masterclasses led by NPC Coach Steven BATES, Ex Auckland Rugby Pro Fa'atiga LEMALU and Current FPC Champion Charmaine McMENAMIN

  • Lineout Masterclasses led by NPC Coach Steven BATES, Ex Auckland Rugby Pro Fa'atiga LEMALU and Current FPC Champion & Captain Eloise BLACKWELL

  • Kicking Masterclasses led by NPC Coach Jono HICKEY, FPC Winning Coach Anna RICHARDS & Ex Auckland Rugby Pro Tyrone ELKINGTON MacDONALD

For further details or any queries, please contact:

Joseph Tuitavake

Game Development Manager